The Loudoun Beavers began their play in DCMSBL as a team in the 2007 season. It began with a handful of new recruits as well as the remains of the previous season’s Oakton Black Sox. Matt Lightkep took the reins from former Black sox coach Bill Ruscitella, to become the head coach of the Beavers in their inaugural season.

The season started well, though their record didn’t necessarily reflect the effort. Somewhere along the way, the defense fell apart. Pitching became tired. And the heart of the team, the offense, at times was sporadic. And did I mention, the defense fell apart…way apart. Attendance at games seemed to become an option at times for this roster of 16. Many games were only played thanks to the willingness of others to come out and lace up the spikes just so we’d have enough guys to field a team. Nonetheless, despite all the hurdles, when the team showed up, they played to win.

The 2007 Loudoun Beavers finished 3-14-1, and a playoff record of 0-1. Though it may sound extreme, they very easily could have finished 11-7 as they were right in there most of their games until the very end. The other games, not so much…and the playoff game was just too embarrassing to mention. 

The 2008 Loudoun Beavers had an almost entirely new look. New players. New uniforms. And most definitely, they had a new recipe for winning. Solid pitching all season long, combined with an explosive offense, an outstanding defense and team speed made the 2008 Loudoun Beavers a top team in the league and made them DCMSBL South Division Champions with a final regular season record of 13-3-1. As well as they played all season long, once again they were ousted in their lone playoff game. While the effort was there, the playoff loss was not typical of the Beavers performance throughout the season.

The 2009 Beavers found themselves in the East Division. With a few key changes to the roster, the Beavers felt they had a quality team that would compete well in their new Division. While the talent was definitely there, inconsistencies in attendance left the 2009 Beavers fighting to stay mid-pack in the East Division. While their 4-11 regular season record certainly didn’t reflect the very talented roster, the Beavers perfect 4-0 playoff record and their 1st league championship (C-Bracket), was a fitting end to the 2009 season which started out with high expectations.

The 2010 Beavers made a little more noise in the East Division. They had a power explosion with the bats and added some quality players to the roster. While they fell just short of the .500 mark, finishing 7-9 in the regular season, they did move up to the “B” Bracket playoffs. Once again they pulled out the victories, and capped off their playoff run with a very competitive 3 game championship series win to capture their 2nd straight league championship (B Bracket).

The 2011 Beavers once again had some changes to the roster and the uniforms. They added depth at pitching and carried their largest roster ever with 19 guys. The Beavers found themselves back in the East Division where they expected more consistency and a return to the top of the standings.

2011 did not turn out as well as planned. In fact, the Beavers sucked. BUT... the 2012 Beavers had more changes to the roster. Attempting to bulk up on pitching and solidifying the defense -- including a a new look to the East Division -- created an opportunity for the Beavers to be a top three team. Led by the reigning three-time Coach of the Year, the Beavers set out to make their mark on the East Division.

So...2012 turned out worse than expected...worse than 2011 did...worst season in Beavers history actually.  Good news is we got rid of the problem people who weren't team players and the wannabes who showed up to 3 games and never came back and the guys who thought they were better  than they actually were.  

2013 looked like a much better year.  We'd finally found some left-handed pitching and plenty of new guys who didn't bitch like little girls and knew how to accept the playing time that is available.  Thoughts of making a run at the A Bracket playoffs in 2013.

2013 turned out pretty well for the Beavers.  They were competitive in nearly every game, and while their record wasn't what they hoped it would be, they did make the A Bracket playoffs and played a close playoff game before being ousted. 

In 2014, the Beavers are looking to take another step forward.  They've added a couple more key players and are eyeing a top spot in the East division and a return trip to the A Bracket playoffs, this time with a higher seed.